March 12, 2018

Growing up, my next door neighbors were Indian. Living next door to them was pretty amazing. Mrs. Browne made the most incredible biryani and curries. You could smell spices and whatever she was cooking from all the way down the street. We would go over to her house on Christmas Day (and still do!), she […]

January 31, 2018

“This is the fairest picture on our planet, the most enchanting to look upon, the most satisfying to the eye and the spirit. To see the sun sink down, drowned on his pink and purple and golden floods, and overwhelm Florence with tides of color that make all the sharp lines dim and faint and […]

December 24, 2017

Lucy and Si are an absolutely adorable couple. She lives in New Orleans, he’s in New York City, and they spend their time between crazy busy residency schedules, and somehow managing to spend as much time together as possible!!! Cheers to that!! They’re funny, goofy, and so in love.  : )         […]


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